About SACC

SACC has organized a grass roots campaign to address the issues and concerns the residents of the Humboldt Park and West Town communities of Chicago, and dedicates its energies towards:

being a source of information and assistance to help residents recognize their problems and helping them find solutions; providing training for community residents so that they can become self sufficient, and become productive members of their community; opening and maintaining channels of communications between the people and the agencies which are supposed to serve them, and advocating in the interests of the community before local, state and federal government.

SACC has undertaken a broad range of community problems and issues, and while many of SACC goals have succeeded, they have mostly demonstrated to Chicago's Spanish speaking community that they can and must play a major role in determining and directing their own destiny.

Determined to help guide and to participate fully in today's society, SACC is building strength and pride in the Spanish speaking community, while at the same time, developing resources and the expertise necessary for Positive Social Change.